Whatever your age, stage, or medical condition, we have the services you need to experience true well-being. Whether you have just endured a minor orthopedic procedure or you are dealing with something complex like Parkinson’s, or perhaps some other cardiopulmonary or neurological condition, we are ready to empower you by giving you the type of care that will make the difference. No matter what challenge you are facing, we want to develop and implement a rehabilitation plan that employs best practices and offers the most advanced technology available so that we can restore you to a state of optimal health and happiness.

peninsula nursing and rehabilitation center

24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care

Our skilled nursing services are available to our patients around the clock, and all delivered by our compassionate team of nurses. Our nurses provide treatment in context of each patient’s individualized plan, thus offering our patients care that is consistent with your needs and goals.


Comfort and relaxation are core values with Cassena Kidney Care at Peninsula Dialysis, with luxury amenities that put patients at ease. We offer unparalleled medical excellence directed by a board certified Nephrologist. We care about the quality of treatment we provide, which is why we have collaborated with multiple transplant programs in the effort to restore our patients to optimum health. Our dialysis unit also has on-site education and support groups as well as counseling from an NYS licensed social worker.

Physician Services

Our highly trained physicians offer full diagnostic and treatment services to our patients. They work in collaboration with the therapists, nurses, and staff to ensure that all conditions are properly managed, and that every opportunity for successful healing is brought to fruition.

Specialist Services

We have extensive specialty services available, provided by our stellar clinical team. The services include physiatrist, pain management, podiatry, dentistry, psychology, psychiatry, optometrist, and urology.

peninsula nursing and rehabilitation center

Short-Term Rehabilitation

By developing and implementing a treatment plan which incorporates all programs and services necessary to restore health and mobility, our stellar team of clinicians and staff help patients return to their normal lives as quickly as possible.

Long-Term Rehabilitation

For our patients who need intensive, ongoing residential care, our long-term rehabilitation programs are a perfect solution. We believe strongly in providing the most replenishing, renewing accommodations for those who stay with us, and our convenient locations make it easy for family and loved ones to visit. Most importantly, we work tirelessly to ensure that we are doing everything we can to promote overall health and well-being.

peninsula nursing and rehabilitation center
peninsula nursing and rehabilitation center

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists work with patients to treat injuries and chronic conditions with exercise and movement. Our goal is to restore normal functioning whenever possible so that our patients can experience the activities they love.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a key component to a successful treatment plan. We focus on activities designed to help our patients develop skills essential not only to daily living, but to enjoying activities that are most meaningful.

Speech Therapy

For patients who have experienced a diminished ability to communicate due to their condition, we use a variety of exercises, audiovisual aids, and cutting-edge treatment protocols to empower our patients with speech.

Therapeutic Recreation

At Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, we believe in the power of socialization and recreational activities as part of our efforts to restore health. Our therapeutic recreation program helps our patients work on mobility and other skills outside of their other speech, physical, or occupational therapy sessions, and it also gives them a chance to develop friendships essential to feeling joyful and self-confident.

Respiratory Therapy

Acute and chronic breathing conditions can be managed effectively by our respiratory therapists, who use respirators and medicine to ensure that our patients can breathe as effortlessly as possible.

Social Work

Our social work team helps acclimate each of our patients and their families by providing counsel and education. The social workers are a wonderful resource for information and support at every stage of treatment.

Post-Operative Care

Both before and after surgery, we offer the personalized planning and care necessary to make the experience as easy as possible for our patients and for their families. Our meticulous attention to detail every step of the way, from pre-op education and paperwork to post-op pain management and recovery planning, allow our patients to spend their time focused on getting well while our team handles the rest.

Palliative Care and Hospice Services

For patients with a variety of more long-term, chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiac disease, kidney failure, Parkinson’s, and other conditions will discover tremendous support as part of our palliative care program. Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible, doing what we can to relieve stress and pain so that quality of life can be optimized. Shortness of breath, fatigue, depression, and loss of appetite can all be managed by our specialists, doctors, and nurses, all of whom work together to deliver the foundation patients and families need as they face challenging medical issues and complex decisions. Our goal is to make our patients comfortable during and after treatment, and to give them the strength and support they need for daily living.

We coordinate care and services with experienced hospice organizations to provide the highest quality hospice care to patients. Skilled and sensitive hospice professionals assist patients with physical pain management and address the emotional and spiritual needs of both the patient and family.

I.V. Therapy

We can administer therapy intravenously, preventing air from diluting medication as it enters the bloodstream. It is the fastest way to deliver important pharmaceuticals to the body, and it is used for certain patients as deemed appropriate by our medical team.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

For patients who are recovering from a heart attack, stroke, or dealing with heart disease, high cholesterol or blood pressure, or any other cardiac-related conditions, we offer exercise therapy and patient education to prevent future cardiac issues and further illness.

Pain Management

We use an interdisciplinary approach to managing pain, always with the goal of developing a treatment plan to improve quality of life. Patients may require pharmaceuticals, or may benefit from massage therapy or mental health services or something else. Depending on the situation, a number of treatments may be considered.

Enteral Nutrition Therapy

If a patient has difficulty eating, food may be provided through a tube to ensure proper nourishment. Enteral Nutrition Therapy is appropriate for patients who cannot swallow due to severe medical problems.

Wound Management

Wounds are typically cared for with proper dressing and medication to mitigate risk of infection. We watch wounds closely and use techniques to expedite the healing process if possible.

Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop

We know that it is important to feel like you are looking your best in order to feel your best, and we will provide you with everything you need to do so. Our beauty parlor and barber shop will make you feel fresh and well-groomed during your stay with us, and you will enjoy socializing as our stylists pamper you.

Pet Visitation

Your relationship with your pet is an important one. We know that pets are family, and we feel strongly that you should be able to have time with them during your stay. We will make all accommodations we can to ensure that you get the time you need with your beloved animal.

Religious Services for all Denominations

We know that your faith can be a cornerstone for healing. Thus, we host religious services on a regular basis so that you can explore or maintain your spirituality while you are with us. Whatever your denomination may be, you will discover a wonderful community of support when you are with us.


Your nutrition is of utmost importance to us, and we believe that the experience of dining should nourish you on every level – mind, body, and spirit. Our chefs have a genuine love for fostering a culture of community through food, and their tremendous culinary expertise will leave you feeling healthy and happy.

Family and Friends Transport Program

Your time with your family and friends is a big part of your rehabilitation journey. Our goal is to build that time into your day whenever possible. To that end, we have developed a Family and Friends Transport Program, allowing your guests an easy way to visit. You provide us with a time and day for their visit, and we will provide you with the accommodations you need to get them here.

Trips and Entertainment

Part of the renewal component of your stay with us is embracing opportunities to have some fun and enjoy new things. That said, you will have a variety of day excursions and entertainment options both onsite and offsite from which to choose, all designed to help you live well and laugh often while you are healing.

Geriatric Care Management

Our Geriatric Care Managers will offer you and your family a collaborative approach to long-term care. They will work with you, and those you love, to provide the education and resources required to help you live your best life as you age. We believe that by working as a multidisciplinary team, and communicating regularly with your family, you will enjoy the quality of life that we all want for ourselves and for those we cherish.