Important Information About The COVID-19 Vaccine Available To Residents Of Our Facility.

Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Far Rockaway Queens NY

Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Far Rockaway Queens. 24 hour Skilled Nursing, Short-Term Care, Long Term Care, Dialysis Center, Sub Acute Rehab

Health Services

At Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation, developing and implementing a comprehensive treatment plan is at the heart of our approach to patient care. Our stellar team of clinicians and staff work collaboratively to create individualized plans that incorporate all necessary programs and services aimed at restoring health and mobility. From physical and occupational therapy to specialized medical treatments and support services, every aspect of our care is designed to address the unique needs of each patient.

Young physiotherapist working with senior patient in clinic

Our goal is to facilitate the quickest and most effective path to recovery, enabling patients to return to their normal lives as swiftly as possible. By focusing on holistic care and leveraging the expertise of our multidisciplinary team, we ensure that every patient receives the best possible support throughout their rehabilitation journey. This dedication to comprehensive, patient-centered care underscores our commitment to helping individuals regain their independence and enjoy an improved quality of life.